I am soo excited to announce my NEW COLLABORATION with the FOUNTAIN HOUSE CHARITY showcasing our FALL 16 artist and one of FH artists' JONATHAN GLASS!

If you don't know about Fountain House you should, they're an amazing organization that's helping take the stigma away from those with mental illness.  They're such a cheerleader to those in need & I've  always been impressed with the level of care and love they put to every project. Knowing people that have suffered from mental illness I really love how they treat those suffering with respect, love, and continually help them thrive. 

For this collaboration we created LIMITED EDITION scarves that will be sold at the event & partial proceeds will go to Fountain House to help them carry on their mission. Only 50 scarves will go for sale and they will be numbered and include information about Jonathan, Fountain House, and our design studio.

We will be showcasing and selling these scares at the MAD ABOUT ART event on NOVEMBER 17th. I hope you can come-please see below & click here for more details and of course email me at info@alexandrareboul.com for any questions. 

If you can't come to the event but would love to get a scarf shop online now before they are SOLD OUT.  Click here. 


Fountain House Gallery is an amazing cause – providing member artists with opportunities to produce, exhibit, and sell their work. Now in its 15th year, the Gallery is a vibrant demonstration of the creativity and capacity of people living with mental illness, and it has grown to be a vital contribution to the New York arts community.



Art Lover or OBSESSION?


Art Lover or OBSESSION?

So what's up with these art collaborations? 

Let me start off with the truth: I'm 100% obsessed with ART.

I go to the Art Shows/Exhibits/Museums every chance I get & I'm happiest at a gallery or spending the day entirely at an art fair! I even make sure to schedule friends, joining me at art shows, to join in shifts.. yes shifts! That way when they get tired of me obsessing over artwork they can head out & I have a new buddy to join me!  Yes, it's that kind of obsession. 

This obsession has been around for as long as I can remember. I grew up going to school ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. We were there every week- since you know it's across the street. I LOVED IT. ..It may have been a way for the teachers to get a few minutes to breathe- but hey I can't complain!  On top of that growing up in NYC ART is EVERYWHERE!

I guess it all started when I joined a "special" art group around age 10? or earlier? I was the youngest in the group and to get in you had to be "admitted".. you know show talent.. that kind of thing. Well to me it felt like winning the lotto & I couldn't be happier. Funny thing is that I still have some of those drawing from that time- one is of the earth- & its awful. I mean its squiggly blue and green paint splotches scattered around and clearly I have NO IDEA what the earth looks like. Ha.  But wow did I learn a lot!  Ever since then I've been painting, drawing, sketching, you name it.  As this passion for art grew I eagerly took every fashion & art class possible and pretty much went to every art school there is: FIT, PARSONS , RISD, CENTRAL ST MARTINS, etc...... Clearly this obsession grew....

So when it came to thinking about launching my own business, I just couldn't decide art or fashion.. ART OR FASHION?? Hmm.. well then ta da, I'LL DO BOTH!!!  I mean all the "self help" journals say "Do what you love" right? 

My brand's mission is that I really want people to understand and appreciate art the way I do. I think that people today are so intimidated with ART. Where to start? Did that artwork just sell for 5million? What do I have to know to sound smart in the art world? I just don't get how is Duchamp's "Fountain" (urinal) art? Why are all the people into it so glamorous looking... etc etc.   Look I get it... Its intimidating. However, art can teach you so much and I really feel  it's a secret to the artists soul & the world/time they were in when they painted.  In the end, if you like something- like it - thats the point. Don't like it because someone said so. And if you don't like it fine- but maybe ask yourself why? That urinal from Duchamp- well it ended up being the forefront of modern art and radically shifted the way people perceive art & create it today.... Anyways, if I peaked your interest, read "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT" by Will Gompertz as it gives a great insight about that artwork (fountain) & modern art in general.

But I digress.. and clearly I could talk about this for a few more hours...

I CREATED A BRAND WHERE I GET TO WORK WITH ARTISTS. I get to meet these amazing talented people & learn about their artwork, why they do what they do, what they do, and everything in between. It's SOOO exciting for me and "I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT." (cue cheesy music) These artists inspire the way I paint, draw, & design differently each season!

To sum it all up....Let's say the clothes I make aren't for you... but if you learned about a new artist, got to see artwork in a new way, and appreciated the artwork.....maybe even want to buy the artists work?!! ..... That to me is a HUGE SUCCESS & why I created this brand in the first place!!

Honestly what could be more fun?!  

xx Ali



Who is Alexandra Reboul?

So who am I- Behind the Sewing Machine?

My name is Alexandra, but my friends call me Ali. I grew up in Manhattan on the UES but don't worry, no, I'm not a princess. My family is from France (Paris & Nice) so I've always felt in between two-worlds.  Growing up in NYC I was around so many fabulous cultures and art ever since I can remember. I become OBSESSED with fashion at age 16 and never looked back.

So why did I start my own brand?

After years at Oscar de la Renta I launched my own business. I realized there was a need for beautiful clothes MADE IN USA with exquisite fabrics but at a price that wouldn't break your bank account.

My clothes are 100% luxury and 100% quality made in NYC. I want to make clothes that last, styles that are flattering, ethically made in factories in USA, and pieces that aren't going out of style tomorrow.  

So who am I- The Designer?

Ever since I can remember art and fashion have been my passions. I paint, draw, and create any chance I get. I wanted to create a brand that fused my two loves FASHION & ART in a way that was meaningful.  

I LOVE to design it's like breathing- pretty FABULOUS! Each season I collaborate with 1 artist and create a collection around that artist.


I like to think of myself as a curator selecting an artist each season and creating a collection around it. But what does that really mean? 

As a respect and admiration of the artist, I like to create a few pieces that represent the artist's work directly by transforming their work into wearable textiles/art.  

The remaining part of the collection is inspired by the artist work and how they create. This artist inspiration permeates through the entire collection. Be it how I design the silhouettes or prints, the music I listen to while designing, the materials I source (yes- I have the same tweed manufacture as Chanel-shh) to the colors and mood of the entire season.

I design every print, where did that come from?

I started my career working at Diane von Furstenberg, where I learned about prints and how to create them. I always loved drawing and painting and became ECSTATIC when I learned that I could create textiles out of it! Thank you so much for teaching me that!!

Who's my brand for?

My goal is to create clothes that look great on you no matter what. As a woman designing for women- I want to make clothes that highlight every women's beauty. I love adding little details here and there to make the clothes more flattering and secret printed lining details just for you! 

stay tuned for more about the brand.....