So who am I- Behind the Sewing Machine?

My name is Alexandra, but my friends call me Ali. I grew up in Manhattan on the UES but don't worry, no, I'm not a princess. My family is from France (Paris & Nice) so I've always felt in between two-worlds.  Growing up in NYC I was around so many fabulous cultures and art ever since I can remember. I become OBSESSED with fashion at age 16 and never looked back.

So why did I start my own brand?

After years at Oscar de la Renta I launched my own business. I realized there was a need for beautiful clothes MADE IN USA with exquisite fabrics but at a price that wouldn't break your bank account.

My clothes are 100% luxury and 100% quality made in NYC. I want to make clothes that last, styles that are flattering, ethically made in factories in USA, and pieces that aren't going out of style tomorrow.  

So who am I- The Designer?

Ever since I can remember art and fashion have been my passions. I paint, draw, and create any chance I get. I wanted to create a brand that fused my two loves FASHION & ART in a way that was meaningful.  

I LOVE to design it's like breathing- pretty FABULOUS! Each season I collaborate with 1 artist and create a collection around that artist.


I like to think of myself as a curator selecting an artist each season and creating a collection around it. But what does that really mean? 

As a respect and admiration of the artist, I like to create a few pieces that represent the artist's work directly by transforming their work into wearable textiles/art.  

The remaining part of the collection is inspired by the artist work and how they create. This artist inspiration permeates through the entire collection. Be it how I design the silhouettes or prints, the music I listen to while designing, the materials I source (yes- I have the same tweed manufacture as Chanel-shh) to the colors and mood of the entire season.

I design every print, where did that come from?

I started my career working at Diane von Furstenberg, where I learned about prints and how to create them. I always loved drawing and painting and became ECSTATIC when I learned that I could create textiles out of it! Thank you so much for teaching me that!!

Who's my brand for?

My goal is to create clothes that look great on you no matter what. As a woman designing for women- I want to make clothes that highlight every women's beauty. I love adding little details here and there to make the clothes more flattering and secret printed lining details just for you! 

stay tuned for more about the brand.....